These are some of the guilders that will challenge your startup idea.

Giorgio Giuliani
Giorgio Giuliani Head of Product @ Backed
Founder @ Fintech Guild, Writer @ Fintech Ruminations. Ex: N26, SumUp, Funding Circle.
Julia Morrongiello
Julia Morrongiello Director of CorpDev & BizOps @ ZeroHash
Scout @Accel. Ex: Trade Republic, Point Nine
Olivier Maître
Olivier Maître GM @ CashApp UK
Ex: N26, Frog
David Schreiber
David Schreiber Founder @ Duna
Ex: Trade Republic, Stripe
Luca Cosentino
Luca Cosentino Head of Product @ Cross River
Ex: Google, AmEx, Oasis Labs
Justin Blumenthal
Justin Blumenthal Product Lead @ Robinhood
Ex: Coinbase, Square
Alexander Eliseev
Alexander Eliseev Product Director @ Hokodo
Ex: Checkout.com, Hyperjar, Funding Circle
Alex Schoonkind
Alex Schoonkind CoFounder @ Fung Payments
Ex: Form3, Verifone, Ingenico
Sandi Samantaray
Sandi Samantaray Product Builder
Ex: Thredd, Wonga, RBC
Arjun Dasgupta
Arjun Dasgupta Strategy & Partnerships @ Credit Benchmark
Ex: Amazon, Grab, Rotschild
Michael Jenkins
Michael Jenkins Product marketing Lead @ Ntropy
Ex: Fidel Api. Writer for "The Week in Fintech"
Marco Aboav
Marco Aboav Founder @ Etna Research
Ex: Moneyfarm,various hedge funds
Eugene Aarons
Eugene Aarons Product Lead @ NYDIG
Ex: Mastercard, JP Morgan Chase
Phillip Tau
Phillip Tau Head of Payments @ Mineral Answers
Ex: Visa, Divvy (Bill.com)
Daniel Baeriswyl
Daniel Baeriswyl Founder @ Science Card
Ex: Magic Carpet AI, PhD in Biomedical Engineering @ UCL, UBS
Rahul Singireddy
Rahul Singireddy Founder @ Hydar
Ex: 0x, Delivery Hero
Isha Varshney
Isha Varshney Head of Ecosystem @ Celo Foundation
Ex: Gitcoin, KPMG
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Founder @ Kanmon
Ex: Plastiq, Funding Circle, Dun & Bradstreet
Justin Gaeney
Justin Gaeney Senior Director of Product @ Deel
Ex: Personio, N26
Keith Grose
Keith Grose NED @ Zero Hash, angel investor
Ex: COO @ SequenceHQ, GM @ Plaid, Strategy @ Google
Lars Markull
Lars Markull Embedded Finance Advisor
Ex: figo, Weavr
Kaushik Subramanian
Kaushik Subramanian Partner @ EQT Ventures
Ex: Stripe
Chia Jeng Yang
Chia Jeng Yang Investor @ Pantera Capital
Ex:Saison Capital, Rocket Internet
Kartik Dabbiru
Kartik Dabbiru Product @ BVNK
Ex: Tide, JPMorgan
Paul Jackson
Paul Jackson Founder and CPTO @ Level and StructureFlow
Ex: Dow Jones/ NewsCorp
Ahmed Gaber
Ahmed Gaber Co-Founder/CTO @Paylane
Ex: Billie, Funding Circle
Akash Bajwa
Akash Bajwa Investor @ Earlybird Venture Capital
Ex: Barclays, Deloitte
Daniel Yubi
Daniel Yubi Founder @ Payable
Ex: Checkout.com, Curve
Erwan Mismaque
Erwan Mismaque COO & Head of BD @ Backed
Andrea Gurnari
Andrea Gurnari Partner @ 2100 Ventures
Ex: Atomico, Goldman Sachs
Will Sorby
Will Sorby Product Director @ N26
Ex: Bain, Morgan Stanley
John Piazza
John Piazza Directo of Product @ Newline
Ex: MB Financial Bank, Federal Reserve
Jordan Sanderson
Jordan Sanderson Head of Product @ Shawbrook
Ex: MarketFinance, HSBC, Rotschild
Vaibhav Puranik
Vaibhav Puranik Builder @ Aven
Ex: Carta, BCG, CrossRiver
Venkat Jeyaraman
Venkat Jeyaraman Senior PM @ Visa
Ex: Deloitte, IBM

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