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What Do I Get?

Validate your business idea
Get real feedback. Be prepared to get your idea seriously challenged. No bullshit, no pleasantries . We do it for you.
Meet top operators in Fintech and DeFi
Network and exchange with Fintech Guild members.
Improve your pitching skills
Get better at presenting your business

Guilders Team

These are some of the guilders that will challenge your startup idea.

Giorgio Giuliani
Giorgio Giuliani Head of Product @ Backed
Founder @ Fintech Guild, Writer @ Fintech Ruminations. Ex: N26, SumUp, Funding Circle.
Julia Morrongiello
Julia Morrongiello Director of CorpDev & BizOps @ ZeroHash
Scout @Accel. Ex: Trade Republic, Point Nine
Olivier Maître
Olivier Maître GM @ CashApp UK
Ex: N26, Frog
David Schreiber
David Schreiber Founder @ Duna
Ex: Trade Republic, Stripe
Justin Blumenthal
Justin Blumenthal Product Lead @ Robinhood
Ex: Coinbase, Square
Isha Varshney
Isha Varshney Head of Ecosystem @ Celo Foundation
Ex: Gitcoin, KPMG
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma Founder @ Kanmon
Ex: Plastiq, Funding Circle, Dun & Bradstreet
Keith Grose
Keith Grose NED @ Zero Hash, angel investor
Ex: COO @ SequenceHQ, GM @ Plaid, Strategy @ Google

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Where do we come from

The guilders above are behind these companies (and many others)

Pitch the Guild

Pitch your startup to a group of Fintech Guild members.
Get real feedback from top quality operators.

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